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Cid Kahimoto

Cid Kahimoto

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PostSubject: Cid Kahimoto   Cid Kahimoto Icon_minitimeWed Nov 04, 2009 5:28 pm

Name: Cid Kahimoto

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Rank: Genin
Village: Sunagakure

Cid Kahimoto Guyshot
He is tall and of relatively average weight. He often wears a trenchcoat like coat but it is extremely easy to remove and he never battles with it on. He has silver hair and golden eyes symbolizing that he has the Kahimoto bloodline flowing through him. He wears yellow tinted glasses to offset that he has the color eyes he does. With the glasses it is hard to tell what color his pupils are unless they are further down on his nose. This is the only purpose for them as he actually has good eyesight. He also wears silver earrings in both ears.

Personality: He is horrible with words and when he speaks he usually says something extremely random or foolish. This leads to him being a generally silent person who many think is stuck up because he doesn't start conversations with people that he does not know well. He enjoys being in the company of others and has a good sense of humor. He does not like fighting and even if he is provoked is hard to lure into battle. He will however fight as hard as he can if someone close to him is in trouble or if it is a mission. Also, when angered he is the type to be eeriley calm and not raise his voice.

History: Cid was born at home on a stormy day when there was an unprecedented amount of electricity in the air. His mother died while giving birth to him. His father didn't know how to handle the loss of his wife AND a newborn child so he brought Cid to an orphanage the day after his birth. The orphanage accepted him and took relatively good care of him. Even as a baby he had issues with communicating his needs with the....uh.... orphanage peoples. He also never cried as a baby even though almost everyone other baby there did.

As a child in the orphanage he was often quiet and didn't have too many friends due to the lack of his communication skills. At about Age 7 he started to show signs that he had "abilities" that other students didn't have. Electricity seemed to be attracted to him and he could produce more static electricity. The kids pick on him more and more about the color of his eyes. This lead to him getting the glasses that he now wears. By the age of 13 the orphanage was having financial issues so Cid left it to find a job and start a life of his own. While he was in search of a place to stay he saved a landlords life from thieves, and ever since he has been allowed to stay in a pretty nice apartment free of charge. He made his money during this time as a shopkeeper's assistant.

He learned that the orphanage's financial woes had gotten worse. He tried to think of a way to make more money and all that came to mind was that the higher ranked ninja always seemed to have plenty of money. He joined the academy in order to aid the orphanage and help it stay. Cid did well through the Academy, always in or near the top of his class. The only technique he had a hard time with was disguise jutsu, but with hard work he finally mastered it though he hasn't used it since an academy test. He then quickly was graduated from the Academy.

He has kept in touch with the orphanage and it has still managed to barely meet the financial needs. This has been enough to keep it running and Cid often spends time helping out there. Cid also spends time reading up on his clan to find out the history of it though he has been relatively unsuccessful. Cid has vowed to do as well as possible as a ninja, not just for the orphanage but for himself too. Now that Cid has become a genin he is waiting to find out who his sensei will be.

RP Sample: Meh, I'll steal one that I did on SOW.

Frau was passing through the 11th division on his way to a meeting. "Hm...Quite a peculiar place for a meeting really, It makes me curious as to why we are meeting here in the first place." Frau continues walking until someone bumps into him. "Oh, my apologies, good sir, I surely did not mean for that for that to occur." says Frau respectfully to whoever it is.

It is an unseated officer of the 11th division, and a rude one at that. "Oi!!!, Don't act like you're better than me!", he unsheaths his zanpakuto, "I challenge you to a fight, so I can help get rid of your arrogance" says the unseated officer.

Frau grins an evil grin, "So the member's of the 11th division ARE as foolish as all of the rumors?, How disappointing that they let such trash as yourself become shinigami. I suppose though, if you wish to be such an annoyance, then I will have no problems ending your miserable existance. I won't even have to think about using shikai, let alone bankai. Or maybe I can just crush a fool like you with my spiritual pressure." Frau unsheaths his zanpakuto which is a foot long dagger.

The unseated officer charges at Frau.

Frau simply shunpos by him cutting an artery in the unseated officer's neck. "Fools like you shouldn't bother even getting out of the bed in the morning, or something like this will happen." He doesn't even look back as the man falls onto the ground, blood gushing from his neck. "Say your prayers", says frau as he walks off and goes back to being the normal "happy go-lucky" person that he usually is. The man dies
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Violent Typhoon :: Jounin
Violent Typhoon :: Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Cid Kahimoto   Cid Kahimoto Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 5:46 am

Approved I guess.
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Cid Kahimoto
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