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 Kirikae Naomi

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PostSubject: Kirikae Naomi   Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:41 pm

Name: Kirikae Naomi

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Rank: Akatsuki
Village: She use to be in Leaf, until she left and joined Akatsuki

Elements: Fuuton, Katon, Doton and Metaruton


Other: Distinguishing features: Tattoo's,(ANBU tattoo on left arm, some others which are yet to be seen on chest, many kanji symbols on right arm including heaven (ten) and blood (ketsueki), a large spinal tattoo linked with 3 somewhat tribal/striped ribs around his stomach and ribcage area and two potential summoning tattoos) The Chishio-Oten Houcho (Upgraded Kubikiri Houcho, the legendary sword of the seven swordsmen from the Mist village) usually always carried on her back and two Katanas, one red,one black, rarely seen unsheathed. Naomi seems to have given up wearing a usually now always seen in her sleeve-less Akatsuki robes which she had ripped the arms off of so she would feel more comfortable and free to swing her huge sword, the Houcho around.

Personality: Somewhat mysterious, generally a friendly, caring person who most should be easy to talk and co-operate with, helpful, quiet and sometimes lazy. Naomi can also be very protective and although sometimes coming across rather quiet, will become stubborn as soon as anything which she strongly believes in is challenged.

Special Abilities: Unique Kekkie Genkai allowing invisibility and granting her an incredible amount of physical strength as well as possessing very good chakra control with a rather high capacity. Naomi is very gifted at healing jutsus and other medicle jutsus, some of this is due to her rare doujutsu technique, the Meigan. A crosshair type Iris and pupil in apperance, the Meigan gives the possessor the insight to see through almost anything, it is mainly used for x-ray purposes, at least by Naomi , as she can analyse anyone from the inside without having to cut them open to see whats making them tick or is the clog in their works. Naomi also has a natural grasp of weapon mastery, this has been very useful as it allows him to weild the Chisio-Oten Houcho better than anyone (Her natural strength also aiding a lot). Naomi final noted abilities are the Cursed Seal from which the cloaked figure "gave" to her, the Earth (Gaia) Cursed Mark. In entering stage 2 of the Cursed Seal two large horns will pertrude from Naomis head as her skin will turn into a dark red colour, her eyes will become black with yellow Irises if her Meigan was inactive for some reason. Black tiger looking stripes will cover her body, her teeth become sharper especially the canines which seem to grow a little while she will increase in size to about 7 foot high, her limbs will become a little longer, mostly her arms as her nails will become long and sharpened like somewhat talons as spikes may grow from her arms, knees, ankles, wrists or elbows, her hair will also become darker and more wild while her strength will increase even further to a herculien status, beyond the strength of those adept in chakra controlled fighting even without focusing her chakra to do the same.

History: Born as Koji Tamura in a small village a short distance away from Konoha, the village was not well known, or much cared for in that matter. Although her life was uneventful and boring, her life would soon be changed when a baby was born. Her brother, although she never showed it much, she deeply cared for Kisai. Always looking out for him . When their family ventured out to leaf, Naomi would try and shied him as much as possible from the bickering from their parents. Upon their arrival into leaf, his father jerked Naomi by the arm and dragged her to the academy. Mumbling under his breath about his family, he forced the pen onto the paper as signing his daughters name and quickly left her on her own. Confused and lost, Naomi entered the building of the academy.

Not knowing anything about being a ninja, Naomi had a face of sheer terror on her face. Sitting in the back, she slouched in her chair hoping nobody would stare at her. A young boy with a goofy grin confronted her, sitting right next to her, she introduced himself, "Hello, I am Shirofuka." Dipping her head down, she whispered her name. The teacher walked into the room and told them to listen carefull as he told them the history of the village. An hour or so passed by quickly as the teacher finished his lecture. Saying they would meet back here in a hour. Rushing out of the academy, she quickly goes to the nearest store. Buying a small lunch for the money her father handed her, she sat in a alley and began to eat. She heard footsteps echo from the street in-front of her. Looking up from a shadow standing in the alley, it was Shirofuka, the boy that introduced himself to her in the academy. Walking to her he sat down, holding out a large box, "Here, have some food. I have way to much anyways.", she responded."I can buy my own food." Speaking with acid in her voice, she stood up and left Shirofuka alone. Returning into the academy, she took her original spot. But Shirofuka sat beside her again. Scooting away from him, she put her attention on the sensei. He began to talk about fighting styles, finishing she walked out to see a accident, her parents bodies laid motionless in the middle of broke carts. Running to them, she began to cry, she couldn't remember any more of that day, except she then would hardly speak for years.

As years passed since that incident, she had been forced to raise Kisai all on her own, not having much time to do her genin duties, she would train when Kisai was asleep. Over the years she had learned that she had a special ability, she had Photon manipulation. She would train day in and day out, until the duties of raising a young child, and her genin responsibilities became to much for her. Leaving Kisai on his own, she fled the village.

After managing to sneak passed the guards of the lightly guarded Konoha on a celebration day she headed north with some of his belongings and a single kunai. About an hour passed before she began being followed by some Konoha ninja. Moments before being caught up by the persuers the air appeared to become stagnant causing Naomi to fall unconscious, however what seemed like a few seconds later she is woken by someone who appears to have a murderous intent to kill her. In a confused and frightened state she ripped through her pocket snatching her kunai, tearing through her own leg she drives it through the motionless figures' eye which is seemingly guarded by a mask. As the person falls Naomi is suddenly pinned by two ANBU members from Konoha. After being unable to move and shouted at, Naomi finally realises what had happened as she stares in shock towards the body of a dead ANBU member. After being escorted back to the village on the back of an ANBU he is immediatly treated for injuries and locked in a room where she is asked questions by the ANBU black ops. Just one hour later she is interigated by someone who seems to be a close friend of the man she killed, the man was angry and lieing at the time as he told Naomi that from this day she was exiled from konoha and if the thought of ever returning occured he would find and kill her. Later that day she was escorted out of the village with only her torn and scuffed clothes, a necklace, a sheathed katana, one kunai and a bloody,-self drawn tattoo on her left arm, looking back only once at her old home in hope of one day being able to be forgiven for the incident and allowed exceptence into the greatly admired ANBU black ops.

Now as a outcast, Naomi was left to defend her own. Hunting for food quickly became hard and it seemed she would die. When suddenly she was surrounded by a group of rouge ninja. Looking at her, they decided that she was not worth mugging. Calling in their leader, they waited on him and began to nurse Naomi into a healthy state once more. As a cloaked figure arrived, Naomi had this urge to grab her katana and drive it into the flesh of everyone around her. Looking around struggling to control this urge, she noticed almost everyone was struggling. As the man dropped down, he advanced to Naomi, Kneeling down, his skin was a dark blood red color, he was bald and had many scars on his face obvious from the many spars he had once been in. He whispered something in her ears nobody around her could hear. Standing up, Naomi drew her katana. The people around her froze, await for what she was about to do. As she blinked, her doujutsu kicked into effect. Looking past the cloaked man into a dense wilderness, throwing her katana with speed, it whipped through the air and struck into it's target. As a rustle int he bushes echoed, several ANBU black ops. shot out of the bushes. The cloaked man cracked his knuckles and moved in a blur, blood flew everywhere as the bodies of the Black ops. fell dead. The man Naomi and his aquantences met offerd them an invitation, an irrefusable offer, the promise of power, riches and that he would find a use for them in the world, a promise which they couldn't refuse... This organisation would later be known as Gyakugensei.

Continuing to work under-cover as an apparent new leader of a group of bandits and petty theives who were all fairly decent shinobi, her and the men would be assigned various missions varying from information gathering and theivery and as time progressed, Naomis strength and skill stood out from the others, she was going to be working directly under one of the top 3 in the Gyakugensei. The organisation would later recruit many others similar to Naomi, young interesting children from various and unique clans, each one would usually have a unqiue bloodline trait which would be allowed to blossom but... In a different way. Gyukagenseis methods were different from the ordinary training in which one would study and learn the basics of their clans jutsus and other traits, many new ways were found as well as interesting developements, some from careful mistakes. Now at the age of 10 and 6 months Naomi, who was working under someone known as Ryuken at the time was paired up in a team of 4 shinobi around her age, two young girls, they were both cute and seemingly shy, the first was around the same age as Naomi, she had long blonde hair with a mixture of green and hazel for her eye colour, the other was aged about 13 and had strangely mysterious eyes, they were bluey-grey, her hair was also a similar colour, and a boy about 3 years older than him who had strangely similar characteristics, the same hair and the same cold yet enchanting eyes as the other girl who seemed to be his twin sister, he went by the name of Frost who Naomi soon became good friends with. The 4 would be assigned various tasks and missions over the coming of the next year where they trained and carried out more difficult missions in all sorts of conditions under their masters.

7 Months had passed since the team had been formed, they had been given a strange injection straight after the team was formed and all seemed much more powerful and skilled than they were before, but no later than the next day the team was split up. The twins were placed in higher rankings in Plagues organisation and would soon be given their own new shinobi to train, Naomi and the other girl would split for now but meet up at a sooner than later time. Now Naomi was reaching her 11th birthday, the only one who seemed to care for it however was the young girl she had befriended from before in her team, she went by the name Kimitsu. They would exchange in conversation sharing a large bowl of noodles covered in blackbean sauce, one of Naomis favourites, before their conversation and celebration in apparent moment of time off was interuppted by Plague himself requesting Kimitsu went with him, Naomi wouldn't see much of her again till a month later when another team was formed. This new team consisted of Kimitsu, Naomi, a young girl of the same age called Sagaia and a boy who befriended Naomi instantly called Kashi. They spent the next few months by each others sides almost solidly, they would also continue to further their abilities and try to perfect their jutsus, this seemed in vain however for young Kashi, caught off guard who met his end against a small group of men claiming to be bounty hunters, each were around Chuunin-Jounin level but were eventually outsmarted from the combined effort and teamwork of the 3 remaining members of the time. A funeral service was held a few days later.

As Plague came up to Naomi he had told her to met him at a secret location. Arriving their early, she would grip the hilt f her sword as she activated her doujutsu. Looking around she saw nobody. Then, turning her head to slow, Plague came upon her, biting into the flesh of her arm. Something began to move up her arm and placed itself on the chest of Naomis. Screaming in agony, Plague picked her up and carried her to a outskirts. Throwing her in a jail cell, she was weaponless and in pain. Screaming for several hours, she came and went. Seeing a man, then her family. Over the years she had lost all ties with her brother. Seeing him in her dreams seemed to give her the strength to survive the curse seal placed upon her. Waking up, she learned she had been out for two and a half weeks. Looking down, she would quickly become filled with hate, her body would be enclosed in strange seals, covering her body. Screaming in pain again, she ran right into the cell bars. They broke free and shot forward. As her body began to morph more, her skin changed into a crimson look, as horns began to sprout. Blacking out, she had no idea she had killed so many guards that day. Leaving, she found her weapons the following day in a cave. Having a vouch that one day she would kill Plague, she set off.

Over the years she had mastered the Curse seal, although many lives have been lost for it, she came one step closer to her dreams. She was one day approached by a figure in a odd clothing taste. A black cloak with red clouds. Wearing a large hat with rice paper flaps covering the features of the face, he person spoke and invited her into the group called Akatsuki, giving a ring and a cloak she accepted. Although this time she was ready for anything. (I will change if anything needs to be changed, I hope you enjoy.}

RP Sample: How about I tell you what experiences I have ^-^ I owned a pure naruto rping game on byond, I have played HWC for about a year or so, and I have been rping for about four years now.
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Violent Typhoon :: Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Kirikae Naomi   Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:26 am


I love the appearance! XD
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PostSubject: Re: Kirikae Naomi   Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:12 am

*random fanboy scream* WOOP, I GOT A BIG SISTUH! *tackles*
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The Legendary Sannin :: Hokage

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PostSubject: Re: Kirikae Naomi   Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:14 pm

What happened to no more oc's in akatsuki? oh well, you went to a lot of effort with that, so ill hand it to yah! *scurries off to do stars and rank*

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PostSubject: ^^   Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:36 pm

^-^ yay! thanks =)
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PostSubject: Re: Kirikae Naomi   

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Kirikae Naomi
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