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 Nawaki Senju

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Toad Sage :: Sannin
Toad Sage :: Sannin

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PostSubject: Nawaki Senju   Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:18 am

Name: Nawaki Senju (First Last)

Age: 13

Rank: ANBU -> S-Class Missing nin, Akatsuki loyal.(High ranked Akatsuki)

Village: Konohagakure

Appearance: Wears akatsuki robes, brown-tanish hair like naruto, and a leaf village mark forehead protector marked with knife marks.

Background: Nawaki born from the once strongest clan of all the considering land, Senju Clan. Nawaki is the grandson of the First hokage, Hashirama Senju, the grandnephew of the Second hokage, Tobirama Senju. Nawaki after birth was inherited the power of wood release, and water release. Around the age of 4, he has been started to learn throwing kunais at the target few meters beyond them, but Nawaki, with ease, matched the middle perfectly using all 12 kunais in his pocket. Nawaki at the age of 6 joined the academy to learn more ninjutsus out of it. Nawaki had been getting great grades with the all-out classes in the academy. Around the mid-term of the academy he had been one of the stars from girls, from being cute, handsome, and calm. Nawaki had no interests in girls, though making the girls loving him more. Nawaki at the age of 10 and a half passed the final exam of the academy promoting him to a low class ninja, Genin. He had been earning much more interests from girls from being more taller. Nawaki loved to play sports and train his ninjutsus around. When Nawaki became 11, unexpectedly the Chunnin exams had came forward, giving Nawaki the chance to become a great academy teacher. He passed the chunnin exam's writing test, the forest of death hunting, and the battle with other genins, and got his place as the secondary ninja; Chunnin. After he became a chunnin he joined the academy staff member's place being a teacher of the students. Nawaki was a great teacher, and harsh at sometimes, but were loved by kids greatly. Nawaki at the age of 12 was out to judge the final exam for the students, with the testing of; Bushin no Jutsu. Nawaki wanted to see how many the kids can replicate into, and the average was 4. Nawaki was so great that his students had learned great and advanced to the Genin level. Nawaki was assigned to a A-Rank mission of protecting a village from S-Rank sound ninjas, and of course, Nawaki had succeeded. The Hokage promoted Nawaki as a Jounin and also a great ANBU. Nawaki at the young was an ANBU and were assigned S-Rank missions every week. But one day, when Nawaki was recruited by the Akatsuki's he joined, knowing that he can be much greater than an ANBU. He is connected as the Akatsuki youth, or the Akatsuki Loyal.

Kekkei Genkai: The Senju clan had a Kekkei Genkai; of being an expert of Ninjutsus, Taijutsus, and Genjutsus.

Weapons: Bare-hands, and foot. Or sometimes uses Jinchurruki power absorbed into him as a powersource expanding his chakra, taijutsu speeds, powers.

Personality: Nawaki is a very calm and serious attitude boy that looks like Naruto all the way. Nawaki didn't have interests in girls for long time. Nawaki when happy is mostly when his Akatsuki trainees calls him, Nawaki-sama, even though they're older than him. When Nawaki is mad he never makes an expression though he has his fist held harder than normal. Nawaki is never sad, mostly aftersince he joined the Akatsuki's.

Likes: Training, Kunais, Jutsu creation, meetings.

Dislikes: Annoying people, unserious people in serious matters, Hot sun, cold place, outdoors camping.

Fears: Almost nothing, but Doujutsu.

Family: Hashirama Senju(First Last, First Hokage, Grandfather) Tobirama Senju(First Last, Second Hokage, Granduncle)Ushina Senju (First Last, ANBU, Mother) Hond Senju (First Last, ANBU, Father)
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Nawaki Senju
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