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 Fuyuko Katsu

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Fuyuko Katsu
ANBU :: The Puppeteer
ANBU :: The Puppeteer
Fuyuko Katsu

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PostSubject: Fuyuko Katsu   Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:35 pm

Hi there! I am the one who made this site~. ^^ So...x3

Name: Fuyuko Katsu (First Last)

Age: 19

Backrground: Lives with her older sister, who is like a mother to her. She never met her mother, she died giving birth to Fuyuko. Her dad is a drunk and ended up on the streets, the sisters have severed all contact with him. Fuyuko was 10 when they left, and her sister was 15. The real reason behind her distrust of people comes from an incident that changed her view on people. One night when she was at a park, waiting for a bunch of friends, some men ganged up on her and almost raped her. Until her sister busted in and beat them to a pulp. She hasn’t trusted anyone other than her sister since then. This happened when she was 15, and her sister was 20. Born in the Sand village, but moved to the Leaf after ditching her dad. Embraces her home village and longs to return there someday. Totally into using puppets as her weapon of choice, Sasori no Akasuna is her idol. Talks back to the two Hokages, only because she is very close with them. Wears the Sand village headband on her right arm, wouldn’t get rid of it though she works in the Leaf. Her best friends are Shikamaru and Sasuke. She has nicknames for each of the boys, “Ducky” or “Duckbutt” is for Sasuke and “Pineapple” Is for Shikamaru. She is also very close with Shino, seeing as he was the first person she met when she came to the Leaf. Since he was quiet and would listen, she treasures him as a very close friend. The Sand sibs hold a special place in her heart as well from being from her birth village.

Kekkei Genkai: Fuyuko has a Kekkei Genkai, though only her and her sister and maybe her father have it. The entire clan was killed off by Leaf village shinobi, save her, her sister and father. Her Kekkei Genkai is called “Mind Speak”. What this is, is a powerful tool that is able to distract the enemy, and/or find them. The Katsu clan is able to basically read minds and communicate with their minds. All they have to do is see a picture of the person they need to connect paths with, and they are able to. During the time that they are connected to another person (it does not have to be another Katsu member, it can be with anyone and they are still able to communicate), they become unusable. Meaning, they are not able to fight or defend themselves. Their attention much strictly be kept on the open pathway, and nothing else.

Weapons: Puppets made by Sasori-Sama

Personality: A very sarcastic, blunt and outgoing girl. Not afraid to speak her mind, but doesn’t realize the effect it may have on people. Acts conceited but is actually very insecure about herself. Afraid of rejection, so she rarely gets close to anybody. A bit short tempered, but otherwise an all around good person. She is known to cuss a lot, but she tries to keep it to a minimum. If something pisses her off, she’ll basically explode and rant, yell and cuss the person/thing out. Afterwards, she feels a bit bad, and will apologize. Though she may love sleeping...she doesn't get a lot of it because of her insomnia.

Likes: Snow, knives, money, cookies, puppets, sleeping

Dislikes: Summer, reading, alcohol, her father, feet

Fears: Windows, Mirrors and Clowns

Family: Sister: Haruko Katsu (First Last)
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Fuyuko Katsu
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